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There are many techniques which help to increase site ranking in organic search results. You may use different tricks for increasing traffic to your site. SEO is one of best technique to get higher ranking in search engine result. Pinging is one of the off-page SEO technique which helps in getting backlinks to your site. According to Google Algorithm, if a site is getting many backlinks from different high PR sites then there are high chances, it will get better ranking in organic search results.

Although there are many tactics of getting backlinks, but pinging is effective way to get quick results. It helps to get fast indexing in search engine results. You can index your site to different search engines with just a single click using ping tool. Pinging is help in making your SEO fast and efficient. Also you get the quick results by pinging. By submitting your site URL address to pinging tool, you can do fast indexing in various search engines.

What is pinging?
Pinging is a process in which you submit you site or blog to different search engines or web directories by pinging tool. Pinging tool is very popular to index your site or blog to major search engines in short time. You will get auto backlink from these tools which help to increase your site ranking in organic search results.

What is pinging site?

A pinging site is an internet tool which allows you to submit or blog or site’s URL address to different web directories, search engines, communities and many other places to improve your ranking in organic search results.

How you can ping?

Pinging is very easy. You don’t need any special skill to learn pinging. It’s just you have to put your site blog title, URL and some other information to a pinging site and then you have to press the “submit” or “ping” button. SEO tool will automatically submit the URL to different web directories and many popular major search engines for better indexing. Even you will get the submission confirmation results in few seconds.

How Pinging is Important in Off-Page SEO?

Pinging is one of the effective way to index your blog or site to different search engines or web directories. You should use many other tricks to get high ranking and to drive more traffic to your site. But you should also start pinging which works as icing on cake because it will provide the fast results for getting auto backlinks and to improve your site indexing.

As a SEO expert, I also do pinging and it really works great for me. It brings many backlinks to my site which helps to increase my site ranking in organic search results.

Best Free Ping Submission Sites List

Pingo Matic


Ping MyLink


Ping My Blog

Twingly Ping

We Blogs

Auto Ping

Feedshark Brainbliss

Ice Rocket



Total Ping

Auto Pinger

Google Ping

Web Logalot


Geourl Ping


Feed Submitter

Ping Feedburner

Blogsnow Ping

All Podcasts

Bulk Ping

Blog Buzzer

Auto Ping


Blog Ping Tool


Ping Sitemap

Coreblog Ping

Ping Amagle

Hope this info is helpful to you.

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