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The best Google Chrome extensions that give better user experience

The best Chrome Extensions that will help you boost your productivity and user experience.

If you are some one like me who spends much of his time online through chrome then these are some of the must have chrome extensions that will help you improve your productivity.I have discovered these over the years and I hope these extensions will help you increase your work efficiency.

The Google Chrome extensions that helped me boost my productivity.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you improve your written communication and makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Though the chrome browser has an inbuilt spellchecker , grammarly in addition checks for context, grammar and punctuation issues, and has a thesaurus and dictionary to boot.

2. RescueTime

We often tend to browse pointlessly through various webpages,rescuetime actually gives insights about our browsing habits and gives us insights about how we spend our time on the http://internet.It will actually let you know if you are productive or not with data.

RescueTime productivity stats

3. Mailtracker and Ugly Email

They complement each other,one helps you track your e-mails and the other helps you see if an email you received is being tracked before you open it in Gmail.

4. BookTatkal

If you live in India and often have book train tickets via tatkal then this will definitely help you, as this extension helps you auto-fill most of the things in the IRCTC portal.

5. Adblock

If you are some one like who doesn’t enjoy too many ad popping on the web page, which affect your surfing experience then do use this to remove ads on your browser.
AdBlock works automatically, but it only takes two clicks to permanently allow ads on any page, or an entire domain

6. Pushbullet

This one helps you conveniently send files, links, and more to your phone and back, so you need not be switching devices every now and then.

Connect all your devices using Pushbullet

7. Clearbit Connect

When someone mails through their business mail id get all the information about THEM – Life objects also lets you find any business email address, so no more trawling through sites or guessing emails. Just hit that blue Clearbit logo when composing an email.

See data about contacts in Gmail

8. Save to Pocket

We do at times find a lot of things on internet interesting and very important to read, when you save it pocket you access it across all your devices even without the internet.

9. Session Buddy
Imagine you are working late night. You have 20 tabs open and you need all of those for some reason. It gets too late and you have to go to sleep. But you don’t want to lose the tabs, and you don’t want to bookmark them either because you don’t need them after some time. Session Buddy is here to help you. All you need to do it click on the extension and save the session. You can restore it anytime later. You can save multiple of them and name them for convenience.

10. AdBlock
works better than Adblock Plus and blocks all the nonsense Youtube, facebook ads. You never knew your life could be so much happier without those ads.

11. Be Limitless
is already mentioned in another answer. This is “the best” extension in productivity section. Here are some of the screenshots:

I just have one complaint though, there is no way to contact the developers of this extension , the stock of images they have is very small and I also  had some other suggestions to make, but I could never find a way to contact them. Now I came to know that Balaji Viswanathan is one of the creators. I hope he sees this and gives me a chance to provide a feedback.

12. StayFocusd
Do you spend too much time on Facebook or Quora? Here is the solution. This extension will start a timer whenever you visit the pages from the blocked list. And will warn you repeatedly while you are on that page. And once the daily time limit is reached, you cannot go to that page until next day. It worked for me. 3 hours of facebook everyday is down to 15 min/day.
This is message which pops up once you exceed your daily limit.

13. IBA Opt-out (by Google)
Opt out of Google’s interest based ads. Gives your paranoid mind some feeling of privacy.

14. Read Later Fast
No time to bookmark something or not important enough to be bookmarked but you still want it for some time? This app will help a lot. Can be used by both light and heavy users of internet.  NOTE: This extension also integrates “Price Comparison While You Shop.”
Here is a screenshot:

Over period of time when you start using these chrome extensions, you can see the difference in the browsing pattern on rescue time to see how your productivity has varied for the better.

I would also add few more to this list over a period of time as I find more useful extensions which can be of use.

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