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There are certain parameters regarding the selection of a good and trustworthy website monitoring tool for your website. A number of businesses have a lot to say about website monitoring and their experiences regarding a website monitoring tool. There are always a lot of thought process involved when it comes to implementing a website monitoring tool. The doubts are generally related to economy, efficiency, and reliability of the tool to monitor your website.

Some of the most successful website owners have found website monitoring tool as the key factor to keep the website going. There are a lot of monitoring tools out there, but choosing the one which fulfills all your needs, are rare. You always need to be alert about your website and its health and it is hard to trust any website randomly to monitor your website. To find the best website monitoring tool, here are some of the tips:

Identifying your Website Requirements and the tool

There are two primary types of website monitoring services including passive monitoring and the other is real-time website monitoring. If your site isn’t driven by profits, then passive website monitoring can be very helpful for you and your business. But if your site is online to generate leads, sales, and profit, there may be a requirement of a real-time website monitoring service. With that being said, there is still a large number of tools and services choose from.

Identifying your requirements is one of the major parts of getting a good website monitoring service. Once you have identified your needs, you have to start learning about various website services to available in the market. On closely analyzing various tools, you can make a decision on which one to implement on your website.

Server Locations and Analytics

Every monitoring service has server or a series of servers to keep their monitoring intact and consistent. During choosing a website to monitor, you should be capable of making a decision for the best tool to choose.

In such cases, there are some questions you should ask yourself; how will the tool response in times of power outage? What happens if a server error occurs? If the company only has one server on duty? In any case, would your site be left unprotected and you won’t know if it goes down. What you need is a website monitoring service that offers multiple servers in multiple locations, acting as a failsafe. If one server or even an entire location goes down, there are other servers and other locations in place to pick up the slack and protect your site’s uptime while the issue is resolved.

Alerts and Contacts

The second thing you need to know is how the company will alert you if your website does experience an outage. Will you receive a phone call or text message, or will you just receive an email? If email is the only form of notification, the service is not going to meet your needs. It is unlikely that you will receive an email sent in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning until you wake up and begin your daily routine. This means your site can be down for hours before you even become aware of it. A phone call or text message, on the other hand, can wake you up when downtime occurs so you can get to work immediately to fix the issue at hand.

Monetary Considerations

Another thing to consider is how you will be charged. Are you being charged an all-inclusive flat monthly fee regardless of how often your site goes down? Or are you being charged a small monthly fee plus an additional fee for each time you receive a downtime notification? Rather than paying a larger all-inclusive monthly fee, it may be wiser to pay a smaller monthly fee and then only pay for a number of services you actually receive, such as a set amount per phone and/or SMS text notification.

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