How can I improve my website content?

Keeping your website pumped full of fresh, excellent content is so important for many reasons (which you seem to have identified). A great resource to keep the information flowing is Gnow.it – it’s a content discovery and publishing tool that allows you to find highly-targeted information from around the web and share it in many ways.

In this case, you are interested in improving your website. I would recommend playing around with RSS Feeds and setting up at least one page dedicated to this effort.

I can explain some benefits surrounding keeping your site updated with great information:

1. Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms love frequently-updated sites; if you get into the habit of pushing out new articles a couple times per week, it can work wonders for organic search traffic.

2. Having a page dedicated to aggregating industry news will allow you to pump your site full of relevant long- and short-tail keywords in a very white-hat fashion (you won’t get dinged for stuffing). This way, people searching for industry news may be referred to your site because you have valuable information posted to it.

3. Related to the point above, with Gnow.it you will also have the opportunity to editorialize the article content, meaning that you can give your own point of view or “hot take” on each article that you have posted to your site. This helps to build status and credibility as a “thought leader” – somebody with their thumb on the pulse of the industry. Doing this can drive repeat traffic to your site from users who are looking for an expert’s view on the newest information in your space.

Performing these tasks is actually quite easy. You search for topics that you are interested in learning about and sharing, and once discovered you can create a personalized RSS feed to publish to your website. Every new article you find and push to the feed will automatically appear on your site, creating the advantages I listed above!

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